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You are working for a Bad Boss, I can tell

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Does your boss identify with these criteria?

Your bad boss does the following:

  • Disproportionately wastes your time

  • Doesn’t really care about your career growth

  • Most of the conversation is toxic and doesn’t help

  • Doesn’t help your personal or professional growth

Self employed or working for someone- either ways, your boss is *YOU*

  • The way we spend our time

  • Lack of long term focus on our career growth

  • The conversations we have in our head

  • The time you spend developing yourself.

Chances are that you are doing it, very poorly.

Imagine, If we had a boss that spoke to us, the way we speak to ourselves...we’d leave.

If we had a boss that wasted as much of our time (as we do ourselves)...he or she would be asked to leave..

If an organization developed its employees as poorly as we are developing ourselves, it would soon close down.

That Bad boss is *You*

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