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Our Lizard Brain isn't going anywhere

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Survival or Self Sabotage?

We'd like to be successful but we also sabotage any chances of success...

  • We say we want to be healthy but we continue unhealthy behaviours.

  • We say we want to be smart but the 1% a day rule to become better.

We are amazed (and are jealous) people who’ve achieved some level of success. But a fear of loss triggers within us. Introducing the Lizard brain:

  • This is the Lizard brain at work, known as the amygdala

  • It is responsible for fear and rage and reproductive drive.

  • It grows fierce when we move towards things that matter and makes us revert back to the immediate, short term and safe choices.

We compromise, binge watch *How can I...* YouTube videos, get into unnecessary long meetings, say the *right thing*, fit in, fear the critics and generally work to appease the lizard.

This lizard isn’t going anywhere

It helps us with survival and keeps us away from real danger. It takes a 1% effort /day to separate the real from perceived danger

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