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I spent an hour with a *Murder for Hire* hit man

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

and this was my experience

My friend and next-door neighbour invited me over because he had an interesting guest over.

A priest, invited for an business inauguration Puja (an Indian ritual)

This young good looking man wore a saffron wrap-around, a shawl and beads around his neck.

Funny, quirky and very pleasant to be with.

We began to chat.

He was respectful and quickly gained our trust.

We loved this guy.

He wove his charm flawlessly between interesting, entertaining and genuine curiosity.

His self-deprecating style of humour was an experience in and of itself.

My 12 yr old self was fascinated.

A great listener, who offered eye contact, paused, reflected when we spoke and willingly engaged.

Within 24 hours of that interaction, he committed one of the most heinous crimes in that household which was all over the news in the following days.

He murdered my friend's grandfather (the business owner).

Obviously, he was not a priest but was later discovered to be a hired hitman who had memorized the scriptures, gathered coordinates, built trust and executed flawlessly.

Slick, professional and was never caught.

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