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Don't be careful

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

You trip and fall

An unsolicited advice - “Be careful”

You trip and don't fall

Still - “Be careful”

Only if this advice appeared just a moment prior, it wouldn't have happened, right?

It seems as though the opposite of “careful” is to be “careless.”. That the best way to avoid avoidable errors is to try harder, to put more care into the work and” to be careful”.

If surgeries were carried out more “carefully” there would be fewer errors. And that so many of the errors that cause major tragedies would just go away if they just tried harder. Right?

Dear Beautiful, It's the systems that matter. Being Careful is a default state and not a system.

We teach our kids to be more careful and spend almost zero time teaching them to build better systems instead.

We ignore checklists and processes because they are beneath us.

Take care but build better systems.

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