Are you *triggered* easily? Read this.

Being triggered over *some tweet*, *comment* , *some popular trending narrative* or even a *movie* and using this to *virtue signalling* your passionate fervor is a cognitive fallacy (Zero sum mindset).

::= If you are on either side of the extremes than you are truly fucked up=::

You are clinging to the absolute low baseline to build some credibility or victimhood or your anger on this?

Your foundational thinking is flawed and requires an immediate intervention.

What happens or has happened is not your fault but the *now* or *your current state* is your problem.

How do you deal with this?

Fix your health, your finances, your *positive* contribution to yourself, your closed ones, then your immediate geography and contribution to the world in general.

  • Your victimhood won't fix it.

  • Your polarisation won't make your wise & awakened.

  • Your Virtue Signalling won't get your extra credits.

  • Reacting or attacking back doesn't make you better.

  • Seeking validation by talking about your sad past won't make your life 0.0002% better (its just a temp dopamine hit).

Current affairs, what's trending or an offensive comment is part of the *shiny object syndrome* that is biologically wired into us for the purpose of *distraction*.

The ones who have nothing important happening in their lives thrive on this *cesspool of nothingness*

So, don't get your knickers in a twist, ignore and move on bitches.

In short: Get the fuck back onto your *purpose* and live your Ideal self NOW.