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Scaled Enterprise Revenue 🔥 |  > $60M | Annual Recurring Revenue 🔥

Scaled Startup Revenue  >$1.5M | Annual Recurring Revenue 🔥

Revived COVID hit SME to full health >130% in 9 months ❤️ﮩ٨ـﮩﮩ٨ـ

Product Development📦

Created 🛠️ telco service - Idea to Delivery >$25M ARR 🔥



Retained >$20M ARR 🔥in an extremely competitive environment


Consulting 💬


1. I need to pick your brain 🧠 on something?

I hope you mean figuratively. Yes, my rates begin at $750/hour (fill the form below).

2. Do you do paid consulting?

Yes, my rates begin at $2750/hour  (fill the form below)

3. Are you open for a long term contract/engagement?

Sure, lets discuss (fill the form below)


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