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I've been passionate about tech since early age.  

- At 8 -10 yrs of age  (without parental consent)🤐

  • Tapping into neighbour's phone lines using only the TV's VHF/UHF, and broadcasting it on my family TV (this is decades before reality TV entertainment).

  • Assembled a DIY disparate solution to *catch* and *stabilize*the TV transmission of 6 neighbouring countries (This is 5 years before Satellite TV).

  • Created a system to *record* Nintendo & Atari games on VHS. So, I could do a screen-by-screen analysis of the the top players among my friends and beat them everytime (25 yrs before YouTube gaming analysis).

- I grew up in Colaba, Mumbai 🌳

​- Graduated with a Bachelors in Science (St. Xavier's college) in '97​ 🎓

  •  I speak about my brief experiences here (Light chat mode)

  •  Worked in Sales for a tech company for 1 yr | Customers: Bennete Coleman | TATA | MNCs and many SMEs

  • Taught myself Coding & D/B programming.

- PostGrad with an MBA (Rizvi | Univ of Mumbai) in '00​ 🎓

  •  I speak about my brief experiences here (Light chat mode)

  • Setup a *Tech Lab* and even taught others coding  

  • Summer interned at Air India and after my  5 weeks submitted a recommendation on  how changing some of their tech can save them money and increase profits -My recommendation was implemented within 8 months (which was a 😲 for me!).

  • Worked in Sales for a tech company for 6 months | Customers: TAJ, Ingersoll Rand, Hinduja etc. | Partnered with Accenture & McKinsey

-Moved to Dubai in '01 ✈︎

  • Career history on my LinkedIn Profile.

  • I've worked at both govt and private organizations.

  • Tech | Telcom| Consulting | Sales/Mktg./Finance

  • Scaled business >$ 60M ARR.

  • Scaled SMEs to >$2.5M ARR.

  • Neg & Built relations at the CXO level.

  • Ongoing association, with Indian govt from promoting its tech in the middle east + Tech FDI.

  • >15 hrs/week on Self education | >12 hrs/week on Fitness.

-What am I doing now?🕒

Here are somethings that I am up to now

👉 My Expertise | Work with me