I’m fascinated by storytelling, building things, and the role technology plays in sales and customer relationships in our everyday lives.

I enjoy learning new things, living fully and taking on new challenges.

By day (and some nights) I work on finding new ways on Strategy, growth and retention . I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some awesome companies such as i2 technologies (acquired by JDA), ScapeVelocity (acquired by Innasite, Inc)  Etisalat and  Dubai SME

Ashraf Sheikh

I Understand the powerful role innovation plays in a growth strategy. I help clients structure and allocate their limited resources to deliver a profitable return on investment—and market share.

Sales Growth And Retention

Miller Heiman Strategic Selling ©  Certified   

Miller Heiman Conceptual Selling© Certified

Bureau VERITAS Mastering Customer Retention © Certified

Some of the Companies I have helped Include

Built  a  CLV system that generated $6 million sales in 12 months

Helped SAAS companies achieve 500% Growth

Built a retention system that secured more than $19 million

Customer Lifetime Value

I help drive growth through the following companies

Retention is a critical metric for any product or service, but most teams don't have a deep understanding of how to improve it. I will provide actionable strategies you can apply immediately to keep customers coming back.

Retention Playbook

Creating the right Sales strategy  begins with a focus on the requirements, desired results and purpose.

Once the audiences and goals are defined, I’ll create the sales playbook with the  execution plans

Sales Strategy & Planning

CLV is the projected revenue that a customer will generate during their lifetime. the probability on a  prospective customer is 5%-20% whereas the probability on an  existing customer is 60%–70%.  I will explore every area of CLV and created tactical steps to reach them.

1. Get outside the building and explore endless  possibilities & opportunities 

2. Help design a future for your organization in making a difference that truly matters to customers.

3. Establish an organization that is a total interlocking system of value creation.

4. Execute like a monomaniac on a mission.

My strengths lie in cutting through the clutter and identifying how your core business capabilities stack up to opportunities for growth. I'll help you apply and scale your strengths to drive your business projects forward.